We are Colin and Liam, and we are Atlantic Drift.

We go back years and have always had a love of the outdoors and travel. This has naturally led us to Atlantic Drift... ‘Why?’ you may ask. Simple really, we are too old for camping but still love to get out there. So when Colin and Emer (Colin's understanding wife) got a camper, we began rediscovering the remote and secluded surf breaks, the beautiful beaches and the majestic mountains of the west of Ireland, it was easy to convince Liam to get on board.

Now we want to share this beauty with everyone and help them discover what it’s like to wake up to the sound of the surf lapping on the beach beside you or see the sunset over the mountains.

So naturally we set about creating the perfect small manageable and environmentally friendly campers. And the VW van is the perfect base from which to do this. We find pre-loved VW’s and bring them back to life kitting them out with the best facilities and latest technology to bring you a friend you’ll want to share your holiday with.


We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world and do everything we can to keep it that way. With that in mind we have been very conscious of our impact on the world around us. From the little things like leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but memories…(clichéd we know but still important) to the big things like choosing the VW Carravelle as the base for our campers.

We could choose to convert new vans but instead we source VWs that have already put in years of good honest graft and fully refurbish these work horses such that the Carbon Footprint of our campervans is a fraction of that of a new van…if you don’t believe us check out this article by our learned friends at The Guardian.

So when you look at a Atlantic Drift Camper, smile and remember how much kinder they are to the environment than a campervan straight off the production line.


Where do I collect my campervan?
We can collect you from Ireland West Airport, Knock, for free or arrange to meet you at other airports or train stations or you can find us in Swinford, County Mayo, in the heart of the west of Ireland.
Is it possible to arrange a pickup and return at Dublin Airport?
Pickup & return from Dublin is generally available for hires 7 days or longer at an extra cost of €110 each way. We can be flexible with the arrangements for a Dublin pick-up/return...all we need is notice and we can figure it out.
Is bedding provided?
We encourage our users to bring their own bedding but we can supply 2x pillows, sheets, pillow cases and sleeping bags at a cost of €20.00 per set per hire. Let us know if you need anything else and I’m sure we can figure something out.
Is gas included in the cost of hire?
One full camping gas bottle is provided for cooking and should last for two weeks normal use.
Do campervans have toilet facilities?
We can provide a portapottie as an extra at a cost of €20.00 per hire. Please note that portapotties must be returned emptied and clean in the interest of our employees' health and safety.
How do we post to campers Facebook pages?
To post on our Facebook page simply post directly through Facebook or email info@atlanticdrift.ie with the name of the camper you hired, what you want posted and maybe some pictures! Check out the posts of other happy campers on our Facebook page.
Do all your prices include tax - if not, what we have to add?
All taxes are included in our campervan rental cost.
What do you charge for a second driver?
Cost of an additional driver is €25
Do you have some details of the engine, fuel consumption, automatic, air cond. etc.?
Our campers are all diesel and return approximately 35 miles per gallon (approx 8 litres/100km), and have manual transmission and do not have air conditioning (not really required in Ireland :-) )
How are your campers equipped/what do we have to bring?
Our campers are supplied with pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, bowels, cutlery, kettle, 1 full bottle of camping gas and 2 camping chairs for sitting out.... things to bring are suncream, baby wipes and an open mind. Check out our short video intro on ‘Our Bugs’ page for more info.
Are your campers equipped with a freezer or cool box, barbecue, camping table?
All our campers have a refrigerator, 2 ring gas hob, water tank supplying fresh water to the tap in the sink, and a wastewater tank. The camper has a leisure battery that will provide power for when you go wild camping which is quickly charged back up after a short drive. The camper also has a electric hook-up to be used at any campsite giving you full 220v power throughout the camper. We can include a disposable barbeque and you can pic these up for around €4-€5 at service stations. There is a camping table along with 2 camping seats included.
Is the water from the tap safe for drinking?
We advise that water must be boiled before drinking.
How does your WIFI work and what are the costs?
Wifi is provided by a mini 3g router in the van. The wifi is provided with €10 credit which provides 2 GB of data for 7 days...you can purchase additional credit as required at a cost of €3 per day with a limit of 500MB data allowance per day.
How does your internet stuff work? Do we just have a WIFi router or is there a streaming camera installed in the van that we have to use?
The wifi is a 3g based system and you can just link your devices to the wifi in the van. The system is supplied with €10 of data credit and you can top this up as you need to by purchasing credit at service stations or vodafone stores. The streaming webcam is optional and will only be installed if you want it, it does not have to be turned on.
Does your insurance exclude any damages?
There is an insurance excess of €800 should there be an insurance claim.
Is there an option to include tyres and windscreen damages into insurance coverage or to limit the insurance excess?
I'm afraid there are no options for reducing the insurance excess at the moment but we are looking into this option with our insurance company.
Where is the portapotie stored and is it hygienic?
The portatpottie is stored in a cabinet or under the bed depending on which campervan you take. It has been our experience that people only use it if they are caught short and in practice most people never use the facility. As far as hygiene is concerned the pottie is supplied with all the chemicals required to keep it sanitary and a supply of bleach wipes to ensure good hygiene.
Do you have some more photos showing details of the campers?
The colour is the main difference between the campers...you can see the different interiors in the photos on our Facebook page or on the Discover Ireland page.
Are there any restrictions on where you can park up for the night?
As far as free camping or 'wild camping' as we like to call is concerned, there are no specific regulations restricting wild camping unless you see a 'No Overnight Camping' sign. Otherwise you are free to pull up where ever you like and make yourself at home within reason.
Can you suggest places to park overnight?
Atlantic Drift are registered with Safe Nights Ireland that provide over 300 safe and secure pitches throughout Ireland in some of the most beautiful locations you could imagine for a fee of just €10 per night. There are also many caravan and camping parks with full electrical hook up and facilities dotted all around the country. Camping-Ireland.ie .And then there is my favourite option....find a beautiful quite beach or valley and just pull in and enjoy the view over a hot cup of tea or a few beers. We would be delighted to help you plan your trip and point you towards a few hidden gems that are still unknown to the travel guides. The beauty of an Atlantic Drift Camper is that it is small and tough enough get you out to the most remote and beautiful locations, big enough to sleep and eat in in comfort, and has the leisure battery to keep you powered when you get there so nothing need hold you back from real adventure.
Do we have to register for Safe Nights Ireland ourselves or may we use your registration?
You do not need to register with Safe Nights Ireland, all our vans are members and users get to access to their sites.
Where are your motorhomes based?
We are based in the heart of the West of Ireland in Swinford, just 15 minutes from Ireland West Airport Knock, the largest airport in Connacht, just a little more than an hour from Galway, 30 minutes from Sligo and Roscommon.
Do you provide motorhome rental?
The best description of our campers are ‘campervans’ not motorhomes but if you are looking for a motorhome to rent just give us a call and we can see what we can do for you.


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